Moisés (Cuenca, 1979) is an abstract painter whose work falls within the tradition of the Art Informel practitioners of the 1950s and 1960s who played such a decisive role in the development of art in Spain (Millares, Saura, Torner…).

Despite having lived in London for more than a decade, he has never ceased to look to this dynamic group of artists as a reference point for his art, although he has also been influenced by the American Abstract Expressionists.

Moisés studied draughtsmanship, something that is very present in his work, as his extensive knowledge of technical drawing is transferred to the paintings, presented in a seemingly random execution has behind it a very structured process in which each brushstroke and element is meticulously applied.

Moises’ works examine current societies and the way we live in them, both individually and collectively. Confusing societies that are the result of the hedonistic way to which we have become accustomed. It is our own behavior that has created these violent societies, which generates a spiral that is difficult to break.

His paintings spring from the principle of combining opposites; there are densely coloured areas, while in others the canvas remains empty and even unprimed. With these areas of emptiness the artist provides the viewer with a place of calm and silence.

His colour blindness and other serious visual impairments have never been an impediment to his work.